The Buddha Within

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Illem is an artist who raps, sings, and produces. He used to unite brothers. Now he unites people.

The Buddha Within out now





Kindness (Intro)

Yeah… it’s the Buddha Within
See life isn’t about, stabbing people in the back
Life isn’t about, always trying to get ahead
Life is all about kindness
Life is all about love
Life is about how much good you can do for everybody
Not just for yourself
Life is about putting your ego aside
And not letting the power within
Take over the power without
You have to let love flow
And the only way to let love flow
Is by blossoming kindness
Blossoming goodness
By planting seeds of love

Buddha Within

[Verse 1: Illem]
it is, it is the buddha within
the sin from the pen, that could’ve never been placed
had I not gone through all the pain that I went through
cuz through the pain I found out all of this soul food
that feeds me day and night
when I was suffering with guns in my mind
I was shooting at these people with the 9
instead of seeking help I was sitting up in denial
like a Tur sitting on the throne of my lies
I couldn’t recognize the power within my own damn mind
till the day that I sat down looked within myself
to figure that love is the crown
only thing you got in life is this moment
live it all up and spread love with the spoken
and all of the love that you feel inside
(don’t you hold it in)

[Hook: Illem]
everybody wanna live it up – Give your love away
everybody wanna live it up – Don’t you hold it in
everybody wanna live it up – Give your heart away
everybody wanna live it up – All the love within
everybody wanna live it up – Give your love away
everybody wanna live it up – Don’t just hold it in (x3)
(just seek the Buddha Within)

[Verse 2: Illem]
everybody wanna live everybody wanna ride
everybody wanna take the reign
ain’t nobody wanna suffer ain’t nobody wanna cry
ain’t nobody wanna feel that pain
everybody is the same everybody feels pain
everybody wants nothing to change
everybody’s got a buddha within, it just depends
on how you condition your brain
change your perception and break all your chains
sippin on wisdom, inject in your veins
until compassion replaces the vain
until you see that we are all the same
this is the way to Nirvana in life
keep all the love through the struggles and strife
until it takes over and you realize
that struggles in life are nothing but guiding lights

[Hook x2]

Lift This Weight

[Intro Hook]
Tell me what I gotta do lift this weight
To make them see, that I live this way
Tell me what I gotta do lift this weight
To make them see, that I live this way
slow down now
sit in peace when you have a good day

[Verse 1]
it didn’t matter when I stopped, I had to pick up shop
I did a belly flop, living up knowing I would drop
it didn’t matter what I did it wasn’t ever enough
to satisfy the cravings of these tough insatiable puffs
they wanna powder puff me, they just wanna shout above me
using up their hatred just so they can come and shower “lovely”
kisses on my cheeks, knowing that its always fraudulent
they wanna come and pic-nic, knowing that its always bothering
it didn’t make a difference, I had to pick and choose
now was it worth the hatred, or was Illem just fool
I’m sure that he was
getting it wrong, looking at changes
stuck in the zone, they wanted to play him
chasing atonement, they wanted to pay him
with nothing but stones, they wanted to hate him
but they could not go, through with it
because they knew that he was grown
and he was sippin’ all alone
he was sippin’ all alone
with the weight of the world up on his shoulders

Tell me what I gotta do lift this weight
To make them see, that I live this way
Tell me what I gotta do lift this weight
To make them see, that I live this way
slow down now
kick the curb on the bucket till we pray
slow down now
just to ease the mind, throw it away
slow down now
sit in peace when you have a good day

[Verse 2]
no matter where I turned, see I was feeling the same
I tried my best to make it work, she tossed it up in flames
was God trying to teach me lessons ripping me up and tearing my heart
to tear it apart, he could’ve done better right from the start
instead of the art
that he inspired me to make, and bake cakes on daily
to take the pressure off my chest and learn maybe
to ease the pain and live it up some day
teach me lessons on the daily, love it up don’t hate
if you wanna say something say it right don’t spray
because the only place I eat now is the love buffet
where the kids go play and then they learn ballet
leave the Windex on the side so they can wipe my tray
and I can wipe my face from all the cake I ate
call me sugar rush baby and the baby Kanye
had me Kar-dashing for the food, I wanted the Kim-dum plate
make it fatter and badder so I can fill my face
but I was sippin’ all alone
baking in a corner with the weight of the world up on my shoulders


Life Jacket

[Intro: Illem]
Doesn’t matter what I see, I see through you
Lookin’ at the hollow ship, I thought I knew you
Didn’t know a damn thing it turns out
Popped a shocker on my chest and burned out

[Verse 1: Illem]
Every time that I be thinkin, I be sinking on the prowl
Drop ships, Titanic, loves gone, it lasted hours
Sad thing is, the only way to win is sinkin showers
Porcelain up in my heart, it had me shopping for the power
The poor ceiling couldn’t hold, it had me sinking on the ships
It had me shipping loads of water, filled the tank up to the tip
It’s overflowing, ducts up in eyes, they’re pouring to my lips
And making me feel oh so nauseous sea sickness had got me sick
The Dramamine is dramatizing all the feelings that I hid
I thought I felt a sense a calm but all I really felt was shit
Instead of rising to top see I was sinking to bottom
Took another cold shower, felt like Summer in the Autumn
Seasons switching on me, blending and bobbing, they wanted to hit me
So I switched up on em, trying to pop them before they come get me
So I’m wreckin’ up all of their ships now
Trying to drown me with all of their tips now
Instead of throwing me life jackets
The life I thought I had, they wanted to jack it

[Hook: Illem]
Throw Em only one single life jacket
If there’s another person on the ship, they can have it
If anybodys gonna sink, I’d rather it be me
Cuz I can learn to swim even if my heart don’t beat

[Bridge: Illem]
Doesn’t matter what I see, I see through you
Lookin at the hollow ship, I thought I knew you
Didn’t know a damn thing it turns out
Popped a shocker on my chest and burned out

[Verse 2: Illem]
Didn’t even wanna rock with me when I was at the bottom
Pretty life it had me baiting, all the fish I wanted, caught em
The destruction of it came when I was seeking the wrong fish
Cooking on the wrong dish, while making the wrong wish
And it didn’t last long cuz I was swimming with sharks
And with the sharks the only thing you learn is killing in the dark
Animal instincts kicking in and teaching me just how to bark
instead of listening, I ended every answer with a question mark
Resolving up in revolutions like a whirlpool in the ocean
With a strong enough ship you will survive all the commotion
Noahs ark, just work together using positive emotions
If devotion in your heart is love then you will get promotions
No matter where you are, even if you feeling like you’re sinking
You should keep on keeping positive no matter what you’re thinking
Cuz the ship sails free if it was built on love
And if it wasn’t I will give you love jackets to float above

[Hook + Bridge]

[Verse 3: Mickey Mook]
You picture me rollin’
I picture a bottle open
Live fast in, in the middle of deceit
It was deep, deeper than the ocean
I’m blind you’re hopin’
It’s fine, just knowin’ I was a little bit claustrophobic
I was against the odds of helping people out when they needed us
I was the one that thank God I’m chosen, therefore believe in us
Give em a reason to, cuz they couldn’t see the truth
She couldn’t be with you, puzzled throughout a long time
Some things had missin’ pieces to em
Leave it to em, to change the world
We are the world, we should change ourselves
We should change the health
Of human beings, that need the help
I go, you don’t need me
I hope, these struggles have us bleeding
I know, that if you walked a mile on my road
There’s a reason for this life jacket, by my note

[Hook + Bridge]

Scar Tissue

I’m feeling the beat, and im just doing my thing
I know these fake phoney people that just flip and they change
I’m feeling the beat, and im just doing my thing
I know these fake phoney people that just flip and they change

[Verse 1]
I’m living it up and I am riding
doing my thing and I am pride-ing
trying to Haykakan pride it with all of my haykakan riders
doing my thing and I am living while keeping my finger up off trigger
selling my guns and getting up off of the pride that was makin me feel so much bigger
im trying to make difference up in the world
im trying to live by only love and throw my life in a twirl
im throwing it up, they wanted to stop me
throwing it down, they wanted to drop me
living it up, they wanted the crown
living it down, they wanted to frown
all of these clowns, they living around me
instead of just killing them, imma be healing them
feeling their pain, and im just stealing it
makin’ them happy so they can just live with it
see the only thing I can offer is love
and all the kindness that my heart brings like a flowering bud
caught up in the flood, in all of these painful emotions
all layin in mud, with all of these faithful devotions
its like a lotus the purity it always remains
its only clouded by the lies thats got you shackled in chains
bringing the pain, no reason to fight it
letting it go, no reason to hide it
embracing the changes, making you stronger
instead of just trapping yourself in the ego corner


[Verse 2]
I’m tired of kickin’ it on the side
and watching these people that are giving their lives
to all the hatred and all of the lies
looking for love that no one provides
like bonnie and clyde, they wanted to die
for all their pride, instead of just trying
to make the world a better place for all of the sides
they wanted to save their own hides
now where do we end up, in a world of disgrace
where everybodys saving face
and nobody knows their own damn place
instead of talking about togetherness and how we’re all the same
everybodys talking about how they suffer their own damn pain
well your pain is mine and my pain is yours
cuz there is no I or you, we all had hollow cores
that we filled up after birth, fallin’ on the earth
dropped by the stork who was drunk, following the worth
confused by all the lights that they were shining on him
confused by all the fights with silver lining on them
being fed and conditioned by the suffering
that roots in the only fact of life, thats covering
the truth from the other sins
its clinging to other things
instead of letting go
that’s the solution to the suffering

[Outro Hook]
I’m feeling the beat, and im just doing my thing
I know these sweet loving people that just switch and they change

Shoe Shiner

[Hook: Mia Loren]
Shoe shiner, you are my only light
You make my life so bright

[Verse 1: Illem]
I got my pretty lady, dropped her off, with the louis v bag
While I was heading downtown to get my life back
Now let’s back track, to the time when I was riding to the beat
Bumpin Pac, tatted up feeling hard, like a G
I didn’t hear or see no other beats pumpin’ the tree
In the grow room with the weed stank all over my jeans
I look up and I see Garni pickin all the leaves
He’s laughin while we’re talk about the millions we gon receive
Little did I know, that everything was gonna just fade
And the angels gone now, no matter how much we prayed
Can’t believe that he’s gone, laid to rest, depart
But the spirit lives on when its got love in its heart
Teaching lessons of kindness, with the virtues we learn
Its the only thing left, after your body gets turned
To the other side, where the shoe shiners got the wax
Whether he spits on the cloth, or takes white off the blacks
Doesn’t change a damn thing cuz the shoe is worn out
Only thing left is the memory of all of the doubt
That you had when you were living, and judging the shine
Instead of just giving, and saying “its all mine” (it ain’t)

[Hook: Mia Loren]
Shoe shiner, you are my only light
You make my life so bright

[Bridge: Illem]
Hold my hand, so I can shine with you now
Don’t you fret, cuz I will hold you in my arms (in my arms)

[Verse 2: Illem]
The only way to lighten your path is to start steppin
Walking in the line of love is steppin in the right direction
And then the shoe shiner will beam his lights right in front of you
And show you all the ways even when other troubles confronting you
You wanted to run, but there ain’t nothing to run from
Start slowing it down, instead of running to dumb fun
Cuz everything in life is temporary
Even the pain that you feel thats making everything scary
See the only thing in life that is certain is death
So knowing what’s to come, what will you think during your last breath
When the Shoe Shiner beams your path to the gates
That are covered in pearls, enter a world with no hate
Knowing that’s the end why would you live with such hate
Instead of spreading that love and giving it all away
So when Shoe Shiner see’s that its time to go
You’ll end up with Angel Garni in his heavenly home

[Hook + Bridge]

Safe and Sound

[Bridge: Illem]
I could show you love
All the love up in the world we see
plant seeds of love and grow a tree
You could be my luck
Even if we’re dead and gone away
I know that you’ll be next to me

[Verse 1: Illem]
tell me how your love makes its all go around
mix it up, in a cup, pass it all, hold it down
never let it go and never let it stop pouring out
all of the virtues in life, never go without
even if you’re facing all the worse, don’t grow down
nothing in life lasts forever, just slow down
sit down, meditate, till you zone out
put your phone down, love it up, let it flow out
even if your river ain’t got no more soul now
dont give it up, because the clouds will pour down
give you all the water that you’ll need, no you won’t drown
put a big smile on your face, no need to frown
let the love flow out, ignite another candle
there’s nothing in life that you can not handle
even when it seems like you’re at the end
no matter how lonely you feel, know you’ve got a friend
the best friend in the world is your own sweet self
instead of seeking out help, why don’t you seek yourself
you’ll find all of the love, enough to fill up the ocean
spread it all around, let everyone sip on the potion

[Hook: Capital Cities]
[Bridge: Illem]

just keep your head up, no matter where you’re headed
always keep the motivation, any doubts you got just shred it
just let it go away, burn it on the backburner
toss it in the past with the heart attack learners, find a fact churner
churn it all away until your packed with the info
to live a good life, live your life like a nympho
except instead of sex, be obsessed with the kindness
then open your third eye, see the blissful blindness

[Hook + Bridge]

New Day

Everytime that you’re spewing the hatred
realize that the hatred is another fools favorite
If you’re hating on another, look at yourself
and realign all the hate till you face it
And realize that anything you project
Manifests from within your own self
So if you’re hating, then you’re hating yourself
And if you’re loving, then you’re loving your own self

[Verse 1]
Live it up with the love you’ll make it
But if you live it up with hate you’ll break it
Your own life, forgotten and robbed
Cuz the hate took your soul, and yes you faded
The reason, we’re here
Is to wipe each others tears
To tame the monkey within
Instead of living like a freak in a bin
Tied up chained up like a chimp
Pulp Fiction, like the famed gimp
It’s time to free it all up, Butch
in turn walk free without a crutch
Breathe in, their pain,
Breathe out, your love
Be free, from chains,
fly out, like a dove

Everytime that you’re spewing the hatred
realize that the hatred is another fools favorite
If your hating on another, look at yourself
and re align all the hate till you face it
And realize that anything you project
Manifests from within your own self
So if you’re hating, then you’re hating yourself
And if you’re loving, then you’re loving your own self

[Verse 2]
Every day is a brand new day
doesn’t matter what the people say
They just wanna burn it up and brawl
Climb to the top but they want you to fall

Just smile be alive
Be happy to breathe and smile
Don’t judge, and let it all go
No attachments, free and solo


[Verse 1]
the moment that I laid in bed and I prayed to my God
I asked him what’d I do wrong thats got me feeling so robbed
was it the fact that I walked around ready for war
staring at these damn busters who were hollow in core
see no matter where I went I found that trouble it was chasing me
looking around and trying to figure out what’d I do thats got me making pleas
saying please as I look up at the sky and I wonder
what’d I do thats got my world crumbling under the covers
saying NO, I’m sick and tired of my own blunders
had me feeling like a chocolate covered puppet under cover
saying YES, I will keep on fighting no matter what I go through
even if it means that I gotta ride up on puppet fools
Reminding myself that God is love no matter what they say
Standing in front the church had me feeling some type of way
And then some chumps rolled by that had me gritting my teeth
Then I realized I had no teeth, I was the one I had to beat

now I know
the only way to live is if I supply your
pure intent to live this life
with peace and love you give your life

I pray on my knees
Asking God where did I go wrong
I pray on my knees
Asking God did I live wrong
I pray on my knees
Asking God can we get along
I pray on my knees
Where did I lose my path, is it long gone
did I stray from hatred on the wrong song

[Verse 2]
the moment that I opened my eyes and I prayed to my God
I asked him what’d I do wrong thats got me feeling so flawed
was it the fact that I hopped on the train to paradise
I sold my soul up on the way to the riches and paid the price
it didn’t matter what I said, it didn’t matter what I did
it wasn’t ever even enough to get the offer on the bid
did I have to make mistakes or did I have to chase the birds
that they were flipping on me daily, it didn’t matter where I turned
the road rage had me gauged, popping bottles out the windows
chugging at the tail lights while I was riding in a pinto
they’re trying ride with me up on the block but they don’t know me
trying to offer me they’re hatred while im yelling at them “blow me”
until it finally hit me that I’m the only one who is burning
tossed up in the flames up on the grill of anger churning
never made sense until I saw the scars up on my hands
burn marks on my body made hairs on my neck stand

[Prehook + Hook]

Heartless Victim

Tell me what I gotta do to make em all see
The way that they be, the way that they go on and live life
Tell me what I gotta do to make em all see
The way that they be, it’s gonna kill em with their own knife

[Verse 1]
She was living it wrong, but she wanted to be free
Busting at her own kind, wanting to be queen
Talking about, “I wanna my live my life for my self”
“And I don’t care about you other people askin’ for help”
Well listen up, the only way to live life and really be free
Is by helping others before they get on their knees
Before they’re pleading on their death beds asking God for peace
Even though they never believed in God or used the word please
It doesn’t matter that she never had a moment of peace
Because the moment that shit hit the fan she wanted to flee
Its typical in a scenario that’s full of grief
Growin up in an environment that’s full of beef
Papa beating momma down, now thats all she’s seen
So you can’t blame her for the hatred or the coldness she screams
Now you can call her heartless or a victim
Depends on how you look at it, corrupting all her systems

Tell me
Why do you wanna
Be so full of hatred
Instead just let go and embrace
With kindness, peace you will find
You can’t keep
Flippin your own mind
You can’t keep
Flippin your own mind

[Verse 2]
She was flipping her own mind, seeking peace in the wrong places
Giving her the illusion that she’s safe with strange faces
But the reality is that she was temporarily placed in
In an environment of wolves who will wanna start chasing
Once the hunger kicks in, there will be no more placating
And then the faces start changing into twisted old spaces
With the placement in basement, where the twisted live right
And the wrong live faceless, at the bottom of delight
Don’t take these rhymes, with defenses on fire
Just hear it out now to know your mind is a liar
It’s tricking you into thinking that you got it all right
But you got it all wrong, time will show you despite
The way it looks now, making the bulbs look bright
But once the power runs out and the truth takes flight
Karma will show you what it means to be unkind
Then it will be too late to flip your twisted own mind


Good Guy

Living it up I’m ready to ride
Ain’t attached to the world I’m gon fly
Got my enemies riding on by
They smiling hard cuz they thought I’m gone
Only thing is that they don’t know I
Pray for them knowing that they gon cry
When life catches them slipping on a good lie
goodbye, say hello to the good guy

[Verse 1]
the life you’re living the life you’re leading
is gonna get you in a good mess and stop your breathing
its gonna get you in a “God blessed” state you heathen
the state that popped up rocking and it stopped you reading
the state that topped up Rocky, climbing mountains, leading
the state that stocked up shopping just to keep you eating
and you’re feeding the demons that wanna keep on cheating
making you think you’re rich, when you’re not, your beaten
you ain’t got no freedom
you’re a slave to your own damn hatred
I know you’re trying to break it, but you won’t make it
cuz the hatreds gonna occupy the spaces, time to face it
coulda been filled with love instead of hatred
but you wasted your energy on basics
instead of being kind, embracing changes
you ended up in state where you’re chasing aces
and ain’t nothing coming up in the flop
chasing after the river you won’t stop
even when the odds stacked against you
got an issue with the dealer, leave the table, nobody miss you
thats what happens when you ain’t got love
for anything at the bottom or up above
living it up always thinking you’re right
only to end up in a state where your looking for the light
keep looking but you ain’t gon find it
cuz you were blinded by the pride while you were grinding


Snake People

[Verse 1: Illem]
I know these fake people, ya I call them snake people
Cuz of the way they wanted to live, they wanna hate people
They don’t wanna give, they just wanna take people
They just wanna shake people, call them “heaven forsake people”
Snake people, they’re hissing and hussing, wanna make
fusses out nothing they wanna make two people bust at each other
in order to smile, in order to pile, the money
up on all the hills that they be mounting empty dollars, fiat currency
but they dont even see it, they just wanna be “it”
ride around in a beamer so they can make other people feel “it”
the hate, the jealousy, debate the fate of other people who they be taking from
and spreading their filth instead of feeding them lovin rum
for the drinkers of the rum it’s time to realize that the only way
to get to the snakes is by letting them bite and get a taste of
loving blood so they can know what it feels like to be living
outta the mud, protected like a flower bud

[Hook: Illem] x2
rising above
when push comes to shove
still giving them warm hugs
and let them feel what it feels to use a loving drug
with some loving blood

[Verse 2: S.G.]
Can’t have hate in my blood, and I know that
Some say its a sign of weakness, but forget that
So many nowadays fake and ruthless,
No one no help no good useless
I rather die on my feet, don’t live on our knees
Let them understand this life’s a disease
And it’ll kill you slow, if you don’t do right
We gotta put off the violence, we gotta show em what’s right
Dreams nightmare calling my name, in hopes that
Given a second chance, before they all turn their backs
But careful when you have your back turned
Cuz it’s only as lethal as the ones that didn’t wanna learn
Lend a helping hand, show a better way
Impact one’s life, never mind it one day
Have dirt thrown on, but brush it off
Life falls into play, but that’s just a thought


Humanity Pride

[Verse 1: Illem]
Riding down Glenoaks, I see the way that they stare
Cuz I am riding in a Benzo, while they’re riding in chairs
Is it my fault that we work hard, and they are loving impaired
Say we do fraud and we took part in all these illegal affairs
Now how the hell do you generalize and hate on a group
Just cuz you saw my people done some shady shit on the news
The media done messed it up and painted us as some fools
Just cuz some people live by the saying you snooze and you lose
Is it my fault that we are hustlers and we ride on the streets
Is it my fault that if you talk shit then your ass we will beat
We got a culture of some down ass people hungry to eat
Cuz we were victims of Genocide, but we rose to our feet
Then we became bought out by Communism, corrupting defeat
Learning the tricks of the trade to survive is by cheating the sheets
But all of this just some history, not no generalization
Google Armenian and see how much we contribute to innovation
[Prehook: Illem]
If you’re blind, we’ll help, we’ll nurse you back to health
Some sour grapes won’t make the wine lose all of its wealth
If you’re poor, we’ll help, we’ll nurse you back to wealth
Cuz we are all the same beings on this mission to help
(so I say)

[Hook: Mickey Mook & Illem]
Homeboys ya we ready to ride
When we make it to top, we yell Armenian Pride
Homegirls ya we ready to ride
When we make it to top, we yell humanity Pride
Cuz we are all the same, the same people
Doesn’t matter that they hate on my people
Ya we are all the same, the same people
Doesn’t matter that they hate we’re still peaceful
[Verse 2: Illem]
If I talk about beating people how can my people be peaceful
Hypocrisy on my own track, so I can show you the needles
That pierce the skin of your own people making hatred so lethal
For every being and every body that just wanted to be gleeful
Everybodys got a little bit of bad and some good
And everybodys got a little fear of people who could
Do better than them and work hard and try to make it all happen
If you got the balls and heart to make it happen then quit the yappin
Go out there and do it instead of hating the doers
Even if its shady, they ain’t taking from you, check your computers
And you will see that they be stealing from the government
That be robbing your pockets, sitting on thrones with other Conglomerates
I call them Robin Governments, instead of Robbin the Hoods
Cuz they are taking from rich and they are giving to thugs
But at the end of the day it doesn’t make a damn difference
Cuz when they get caught, they change, but your hating asses stay ignorant

[Prehook + Hook]

[Verse 3: Illem]
I’m spreading love, I’m spreading joy no matter what they say
Even while they smile in my face, I know that they still hate
But when they hate see they be hurting themselves, why
Because the hatred is a poison in itself, why
Filling up in a well, while they’re loving minds swell
They get swollen from the hatred while their ignorant minds dwell
And the only antidote is loving-kindness on the up and up
So keep it uppity while you can instead of falling like Humpty Dumpity
Because nothing can put him together not even Kings men or the Kings horses
So keep it together by using the love as the glue instead of just quick divorcing
And for my haykakan soldiers who keep riding
By the representing the culture we savor, that we keep pride in
Don’t ever let these hateful people keep on knocking you down
And you can shock em by keeping smiling and walking around
All of the hate that they be spewing causing you all this pain
Calling you different, cuz they don’t know that we are all the same

[Prehook + Hook]


















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